Member Classification

There are five (5) classifications of memberships in the Ohio Land Improvement Contractors Association:

  • Regular Membership:
    • Must be legitimate Land Improvement Contractors, either owners or operators, who meet the standards of the association. Regular membership is given to both the company’s primary business leader, as well as to any contractor’s employees who choose to join under their own membership. Regular membership contains all organization rights and privileges for $250.00 each per year. (All prospective members need two (2) sponsors and approval by the board of directors.)
  • Associate Membership
    • Associate Members shall be limited to persons, firms, corporations, associations and organizations that manufacture or sell machinery, equipment, materials, supplies, goods or services used by the corporation, State Chapters and active members of State Chapters. The yearly price for an Associate Member is $200.00.
  • Affiliate Membership
    • Affiliate members are persons, firms, corporations, associations or organizations that are associate or equivalent members of State Chapters, who manufacture or sell machinery, equipment, supplies, goods or services used by State Chapters or active members of State Chapters whose business is limited to that area represented by a State Chapter, or who are dealers or distributors for affiliate members. The yearly price is $25.00
  • Retired Membership
    • A member who, while a member of a State Chapter, retires shall be entitled to retired member status, if approved and submitted by the State Chapter. Retired members shall be entitled to receive all LICA newsletters only. Retired members shall not have voting rights. The yearly cost is $15.00.
  • Honorary Membership
    • Honorary Members are individuals who have made an exceptional and outstanding contribution to LICA or to the business of land improvement contracting. The Nominating Committee may recommend each year not more than two individuals as Honorary Members. Any individual recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved for honorary membership by the Board shall become an Honorary Member.