LICA Creed, Vision & Objectives

The LICA Creed

Land, the foundation of the Nation,
The basis of all wealth,
The heritage of the wise,
The thrifty and the prudent,
The poor man’s joy and comfort,
The silent partner of man,
The producer of food, fiber and fuel,
The basis of factories,
The foundation of banks.
All that man builds is from the land.
We often take it for granted,
or even abuse it, and yet many
unthinkingly and unknowingly
pass the land by.
What man finally does with the
land will be the deciding factor
of his survival.

LICA Vision Statement

LICA will be an effective partner to its members supporting their capability in assisting landowners and users in the stewardship of our nation’s precious natural resources by providing leadership and training, improving communications, promoting sound financial management, and providing representation to federal, state and local legislative bodies on natural resource issues.

LICA Objectives

The aim of the Association is to encourage high standards of workmanship in resource management, land improvement practices and to promote private enterprises in land improvement contracting.

This association of contractors brings together people having similar interests and opportunities for improving our natural resources with an adequate profit.