Directors & Officers

2016 OLICA Directors and Officers

2016 Officers

  • President: Doug Schwieterman
  • Vice President: Larry Orr
  • Secretary: Don Steiner
  • Chairman Of The Board: Dana Greenawalt
  • Fiscal Agent: Steve Gerten

Board of Directors – The board includes five regular members and one associate member who help to conduct the business of OLICA.

2016 Board of Directors Members

  • Board Member: Jeff Rife
  • Board Member: Eric Gerten
  • Board Member: Jeffry Billenstein
  • Board Member: Steve Krugh
  • Board Member: Nick Bower
  • Associate Board Member: Bill Cassidy
  • Executive Director: John Fitzpatrick

Paul DeMuth Jr. is the USDA-NRCS State Technical Committee Representative for OLICA.
Roger Greenawalt is the Legislative Liaison for Ohio LICA.

Rick Galehouse is the Historian for OLICA
Dana Greenawalt is the Chairman of the Board.